About Me

Prior to a near death experience I had never heard of Reflexology.  After two weeks in the hospital with an incurable form of double pneumonia and a paralyzed leg (from an unknown cause) it was a Reflexologist who "cured" me of the paralysis and brought me back to robust health. As a result of this experience, I devoted my life to researching Reflexology. For many years, my services and classes have been solely by "word of mouth" advertising.

I have had many teachers and while I honor all of my teachers, it is the culmination of learning, research, and clinical experience that has developed my unique approach to Reflexology. Theories are meant to be tested and I approach Reflexology from a perspective of the study of the reflexes and physiology. In my studies abroad and in clinical trials, it has been incorporating essential oils (Aromatherapy) in Reflex Therapy Sessions that has had the most profound effect in healing emotional trauma and other stress related illnesses.

I had the honor of studying directly under Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils and creator of Raindrop Therapy and Emotional Raindrop. I also learned Auricular applications and Vita Flex Therapy (a Reflexology Protocol) during these trainings.  Apprenticing with Dr. Young included studying in Egypt, France, assisting in national trainings, and assisting in the clinic in Ecuador. I am now honored to pass on these teachings and essential oil applications.