Marlene Hudson, BAS, LMT

About Me

Prior to a near-death experience, I had never heard of Reflexology.  After two weeks in the hospital (1985) with an incurable form of double pneumonia and a paralyzed leg (from an unknown cause), it was a Reflexologist who "cured" me of the paralysis and brought me back to robust health. As a result of this experience, I devoted my life to researching Reflexology. For many years, my services and classes have been solely by "word of mouth" advertising.

The life-altering aspect of my recovery was the discovery that grief resides in the lungs and became the reason my case of pneumonia was "incurable." It was not pneumonia that was incurable it was my grief that was incurable. This is where the journey began. One of my greatest teachers used to say, "There are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people." He was right and this truth is waiting for all those who have the courage to accept it. 

I have had many teachers and while I honor all of my teachers, it is the culmination of ongoing learning, research, and clinical experience that has developed my unique approach to Reflexology. Theories are meant to be tested and I approach Reflexology from a perspective of the study of reflexes, physiology, and the psycho-somatic connection. In my studies abroad and in clinical trials, it has been incorporating essential oils (Aromatherapy) in Reflex Therapy Sessions that have had the most profound effect in healing emotional trauma and other stress-related illnesses and is how Essential Reflex Therapy© became the name of my services.

My goal as a student was to become as effective as the Reflexologist who healed me so many years ago. 

My goal as an educator has been to expand the reach of Reflexology to mainstream medical referrals.

My current goal as a teacher is to pass the knowledge on to the next generation of practitioners and teachers of Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  


In loving memory of Vi Viacava (1991) the Reflexologist who taught me so much about healing, who was 85 years old when she brought me back to health, and Dr. Gary Young (2018), who taught the world about the ancient and modern importance of essential oils in therapies, everyday uses, and made this possible by rediscovering the art of distillation in North America and throughout the world. Vi and Gary were the most influential people in my life's purpose. I humbly think of them with gratitude, always.